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Our Professional Movers alleviate your concerns and take the dread out of relocation. We regard every move as unique and structure it around your expectations! Piano, Hot Tub? No problem for our experienced team. Local and Long Distance Moving are available!


Small yards or acres, tree removal or tree pruning....we've got you covered! Mulching garden beds, garden borders, ground clearance, you name it! Ask about our weekly and by-weekly maintenance contracts.


Need an Item picked up but you do not have the time or a vehicle that makes this convenient? Order from a store leaves you to bear the burden? Trust MoveNScape for your next delivery whether its a purchase from an independent seller, or a retailer. Contact us for a quote!

Furniture and Other Items for Sale

MoveNScape is privy to prime outlets and can virtually match you with the perfect furniture to fit your lifestyle! We also have great selections of used furniture that we buy from customers if it meets our company's standards. Check out our sales on used items weekly!

Dumpster Rentals

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No job too big or too small to haul!

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Our slogan is​ Lift Life because that's our mission. Raising the spirits and lightening the moods of those we encounter. Relocation can be stressful, and so can property maintenance. We come and allow our customers to relax while we handle the tough tasks.